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Venta de Hardware de infraestructura de redes

Taking into account the difficulties our clients go through in acquiring equipment, we have developed an effective distribution system that reaches the entire American territory, be it North, Central or South America with fast shipments and excellent efficiency.

Before being sent to their destinations with our high standard logistics system, all equipment sold by JTI Network undergoes controls and tests.

All equipment is personally verified by our specialists and sent to the customer with the utmost care. At this stage, the customs process with the DDP shipping method is not a problem as our staff will take care of everything for you, from purchase to delivery. In this way, the entire process of importing the equipment is facilitated without you having to worry about the difficulties of importing the equipment in the destination country.

The sale of the product, plus the high-quality logistics system reduce your concern, in terms of physical and legal processes, of shipping the equipment with great agility and speed! Knowing all the details and accessories that your equipment includes, our team is ready to provide you with all the information and carry out all the follow-up from purchase to shipment!

Get to know our online catalog of equipment and contact one of our specialists.

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Venta de Hardware

Descubra el servicio de venta de equipos de JTI con equipos del portfolio completo de marcas y socios líderes como CISCO, DATACOM, EXTREME, JUNIPER, FORTNET, ASTERISK, MICROSOFT, VMWare, BROCADE

Cisco Aironet

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Field Engineers service around the world with highly qualified local professionals to install, plan and troubleshoot your IT needs.

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La mejor manera de almacenar su equipamiento crucial cerca de los edificios de sus clientes. Servicio disponible en la mayoría de las ciudades más importantes del mundo.

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Nuestras manos lo alcanzan en cualquier lugar del mundo. Vea nuestra área de cobertura y dónde podemos brindarle nuestros servicios.

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Somos una empresa local que nos ocupamos de sus necesidades de suministro de TI a nivel mundial. Compre aquí sus equipos de TI desde cualquier parte del mundo, hoy mismo.