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Do you need the equipment in your country or elsewhere in the world with the same speed that you receive packages at your home?

Finding a fast, efficient and economical shipping method is always difficult when it comes to countries that are far away or with customs restrictions. At JTI, we work through the entire logistics process in a way that is simple and effective for our clients.

You can send the equipment to us or purchase it directly from our hardware sales team. After this stage, we will make the shipment through DDP (Delivered Duties Paid) that will facilitate the entire customs process without having to worry about the difficulties of importing the equipment to the country in question.

The work carried out by JTI involves the meticulous care of each item.

Each piece of equipment undergoes exhaustive controls and tests so that when it reaches its final destination in your company they are aware of every detail, which will facilitate future configurations and reduce installation time on site.

The quality of our service is measured by the satisfaction of each client when they receive their order efficiently, without having to worry about formalities and reducing the time consumed by bureaucratic import processes and with the reduced cost of assisting in the development of the complete project. .

Now that you know our logistics service and our strategy, how about talking to one of our specialists?

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Field Engineers service around the world with highly qualified local professionals to install, plan and troubleshoot your IT needs.

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La mejor manera de almacenar su equipamiento crucial cerca de los edificios de sus clientes. Servicio disponible en la mayoría de las ciudades más importantes del mundo.

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